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www.resourcetech.in business development solutions are based on research into highly successful winning strategies. It is important to adopt a consultative approach and demonstrate the correct skills at each stage of the business development process. www.resourcetech.in provides your business with a complete suite of powerful web-based Business Development Applications. Each of our business development applications has been designed and refined over the years and can be fully customized and scaled to the specific needs of any business.

Tools We have Built to Empower your Business Development

Our mission here at business development solutions is to lead the industry in web technologies and marketing. Staying ahead of the curve on technology allows us to deliver ground breaking results to our customer’s every time.

  • Lead Management
  • Newsletter Supervision
  • Tele Caller Administration
  • Billing Automation
  • Contacts Guidance
  • Office Soft Files Backup

Key Drives

Understand your Clients Business

Make sure you know everything from the share price to their latest business activities. This demonstrates that you are serious and want to get under the skin of their business.

Dress for Success

This is self-explanatory and makes a huge difference to winning confidence and trust. Make sure you consider your clients environment.

Adding Value to your Relationships

Make sure you have some ideas and concepts in your mind to add value to your core proposition, which is the best creative idea of the meeting.

Ability to Connect with Clients and Build the Right Relationships

Get to know your clients if you seriously want to work with them be prepared to learn about them and how they like to work. Be yourself and strike up some friendships.


We believe in leading the pack in web technologies, which is why our clients have been so successful. When you work with our company, you quickly learn that our customers are our number one priority.

Professional Engagement Model

Proven Agile and Reliable Delivery

Collaborative Approach with Clients

Competitive Pricing and Project Quotes

Rapid Project and Development Methodology

24/7 Issue Tracking Mechanism

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